12 Best Stylish Star Projector In 2024-2025 Reviews & Buyers Guide 

Whether it’s kiddies, or grown-ups like us, night skies, stars, and nebula lighting attracts us all in the same way. Well, did you  know that you can bring that to your home?

You should surely read this composition until the end as we will be agitating the stylish star projectors that you can either  buy for yourself or gift your children.

But, before you suppose of buying a new star light projector,  make sure to check for a many important effects like 

Lighting goods All the star projectors are unique in their own way , and offer plenitude of different lighting goods. That said, you should check what type of effect the projector is able of showing, and also the number of colors it can project. 

Power Source As per your convenience, you can choose  a star projector that either runs on batteries or uses an AC  appendage.

While some good options out there accept both power input as they come with battery places, as well as a DC 5V charging  harborage also. 

Timekeeper Settings If you’re buying a star light for kiddies, make  sure it has timekeeper settings so that you can acclimate it for  automatic switching off the light. In fact, some star light projectors  indeed have an automatic shut- off point that activates after 4 or 6 hours of operation. 

These were a many important effects that you should keep in mind while buying a new star light projector for your home.

A many further effects can also be considered, still, we will  bandy them latterly in the “ Buying companion ” section.  So, if you need any help with this purchase, you can go  through the buying companion section as it contains a lot  of precious information for you.

Until also, let’s snappily take a look at the list of stylish star  light projectors and bandy their features and specifications. 


Stylish Star Projectors 2022 
Stylish Star Projectors 2021 Reviews 
1. BlissLights Sky Lite LED Ray Star Projector 
2. Sunnest kiddies Night Light Rotating Star Projector 
3. MOKOQI Night Light Beacon Star Projector 
4. Fortally kiddies Night Light Star Projector 
5. Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector 
6. BAILONGJU Night Light Star Projector 
7. SnowCinda Night Light Star Projector 
8. Yachance Night Light Star Projector 
9. Lupantte Night Light Star Projector 
10. Merece LED 3 in 1 Star Galaxy Projector 
11. Suyeeson Galaxy Star Projectors 
12. Hodo Tesoky Night Light Star Projector 
Buying Guide for the Stylish Star Projector 
1. Colors 
2. Lighting goods 
3. Power Supply 
4. timekeeper 
5. Speaker 
constantly Asked Questions 

Stylish Star Projectors 2022 


BlissLights LED 
Ray Star Projector 
LED Ray Star ProjectorSingle AC power

1 time 
Check On Amazon 
Sunnest Rotating
Star Projector 8
Rotating Star Projector 8USB connection, and Batteries

 1 time
Check On Amazon 
Light Beacon 
Light Beacon Star Projector 17 USB connection, and Batteries
Check On Amazon 
Fortally kiddies 
Night Light
Night Light Star Projector 9USB connection, and Batteries LifeCheck On Amazon 
Luckkid Night
Light Star Projector
Light Star Projector 6USB connection, and Batteries LifetimeCheck On Amazon 
Light Star Projector 6
Night Light Star Projector 6USB powered 1 timeCheck On Amazon 
SnowCinda Night
Light Star Projector 9
Night Light Star ProjectorUSB and Battery PoweredCheck On Amazon 
Yachance Night
Light Star Projector 8
Night Light Star Projector 8 USB Powered-Check On Amazon 
Lupantte Night
Light Star Projector
Night Light Star Projector 72USB PoweredCheck On Amazon 
Merece LED Star
Galaxy Projector
Star Galaxy Projector 10USB Powered
1 time
Check On Amazon 
Suyeeson Galaxy
Star Projectors
Star Projector 16USB PoweredCheck On Amazon 
Hodo Tesoky Night
Light Star Projector
Star Projector 13 USB and Battery PoweredCheck On Amazon 

Best Star Projectors 2021 Reviews 

1. BlissLights Sky Lite LED Ray Star Projector 

Bliss Lights LED Ray Star Projector Bliss Lights is one of the  stylish brands in the request right now, most popular for making  effect lighting of colorful kinds, including the Sky Lite1.0 star  light projector. 

still, it uses a single Blue light and offers you an seductive effect of stars and nebula lighting, which is also patented, If we talk about the lighting goods.

The goods look relatively precise and accurate, thanks to the direct diode ray used in this starlight projector. 

For the power, it comes with an AC wall appendage  so you can connect and use it directly, no batteries  are needed.

All the controls are given on the projector itself, so it’s  relatively easy to use. Indeed the brilliance of the light is  malleable, and it also has a 6- hour bus- timekeeper, which is a great point if you’re buying this for kiddies. 

Stylish features 

Stars and Nebula lighting effect 
malleable brilliance 
6- hour bus- timekeeper 

Easy to operate 
The nebula effect is relatively enough 
Comes with AC wall appendage 

Only 1 color lighting 
Buy Now From Amazon 

2. Sunnest kiddies Night Light Rotating Star Projector 

Sunnest kiddies Night Light Rotating Star Projector If you’re  looking for a star projector beacon for your kiddies, there are a bunch of different good brands out there that offer similar projectors, including Sunnest which is a largely popular brand for furnishing similar deals at affordable prices. 

Speaking of this kiddies star night light, this light beacon features a aggregate of 4 LEDs of different colors that combine to offer up to 8 different lighting goods.

It’s a great star light beacon to use in your children’s room, or at kiddies ’  parties for decoration as they will love to see the star’s goods in the  room. also, you can either power this device either by using a wall appendage or by using 4x AAA batteries. 

still, this star projector can also turn into a introductory  beacon as the star film is removable and comes with an fresh  external cover that diffuses the light,

If we talk about the features. piecemeal from that, you can  acclimate the lighting with the three buttons given at the front  of the projector.

In addition, Sunnest indeed offers a 1- time bond for this star light projector which is great! 

Stylish features 

Up to 8 lighting goods 
USB and Battery powered 
Comes with 1- time bond 

Has 4 LED lights 
figure quality is decent 
Quite affordable 

You can’t acclimate the brilliant

Buy from amazon.

3. MOKOQI Night Light Beacon Star Projector 

MOKOQI Night Light Beacon Star Projector NeXT on this list, we’ve another good star projector option from MOKOQI that can  be a great choice to buy for your kiddies as it offers a lot of  amazing lighting goods in different colors. 

Using this star light projector is enough simple as you get all the controls right at the front. With the three devoted buttons, you can choose your asked light effect and color as it offers up to 17 different lighting goods to choose from.

On top of that, this star projector beacon also has a rotating point  that you can toggle on/ off as per preferences. 

To power this star projector beacon, it’ll bear you to buy 4 AAA batteries. On the other hand, a USB charging string also  comes included in the box.

Although the appendage isn’t included, you can simply use any phone’s bowl with the USB string to power this star projector, it ’ll always work OK . 

Stylish features 

17 color lighting goods 
Rotating base 
USB and Battery powered 

Easy setup 
Ideal for kiddies room, as well as for decoration 
Comes with a USB charging string included in the box 

Doesn’t include an AC wall appendage 
Buy Now From Amazon 

4. Fortally kiddies Night Light Star Projector 

Fortally Kids Night Light Star Projector Coming over next, you can  also check out this night light option from Fortally as it’s quite a  popular brand for dealing high- quality lights, and offers amazing  after- deals services as well. 

Looking at its design, this night light is principally a pate- shaped  projector, like a many night lights that we bandied ahead.

Since it features 4 LED globules inside that can rotate360 Degree, this night light is able of projecting up to 9 unique lighting goods. 

Hence, it’s a great option to pick if you want to light for room  decorations for kiddies ’ parties. 

still, you can use this night light as a normal night beacon as well, If you take out the star film. The box includes a wall bowl, a USB  power string that can be used to power this device.

In case a wall socket isn’t hard, this night beacon also operates on 4 AAA batteries. piecemeal from that, the stylish part about this night  star projector is that it comes with a continuance bond! 

Stylish features 

Up to 9 unique lighting goods 
360 Degree Gyration 
USB and Battery Powered 

Can be used as a night beacon 
Has continuance bond 
Comes with an AC wall appendage 

Average figure quality 
Buy Now From Amazon 

5. Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector 

Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector This nightlight option  from Luckkid Light offers one of the stylish and most unique options  available in this list, as it offers plenitude of unique goods, and has a  really good figure quality. 

It works great if you want to use it as a night beacon, thanks to its white  cover. still, for the lighting goods, it comes with 5 sets of flicks.

Those flicks have colorful kinds of patterns and star goods, so you can  choose and use any of the 5 flicks you like and turn your apartments ’  ceiling into a night sky. 

In addition, the flicks that you place on top, are also rotatable.  piecemeal from 5 flicks, this night beacon glows in 3 different colors, unheroic, blue, and white as well. also, you can indeed acclimate the brilliance and choose to set between 3 different situations as you like. 

Hence, it’s a great Christmas gift that you can give to your loved  bones . On top of that, the brand also offers a continuance bond  for this night light, which makes it one of the stylish star lights to  consider. 

Stylish features 

3 Light modes 
5 different flicks 
3 position brilliance adaptations 

High figure quality 
workshop with both USB connection and batteries 
Comes with a continuance bond 

AC appendage not included in the box 
Buy Now From Amazon 

6. BAILONGJU Night Light Star Projector 

BAILONGJU Night Light Star Projector This time, we’ve a enough  unique star light option from BAILONGJU that’s different from all the other night lights listed on this list. 

It’s the most compact light option in this entire list. Due to its  lower form- factor, it can be indeed used in cars. However, it  just looks like a small flashlight joined to a USB string, If you  look at its design. 

Hence, using this light is enough simple as it works just by  plugging into any USB harborage. also, it’s largely movable  and the light throw angles can be fluently acclimated.

You can indeed use this light in the restroom since it comes with IPX4 leakproof instrument. 

Speaking of the light, it has a aggregate of 6 projecting modes and offers a really good and precise gamble at the ceiling.

Although it glows in red color, you can rotate the head of the light  to switch between goods. That said, it provides you an easy way  to make any room party-ready within seconds. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable options on this list as well. 

Stylish features 

IPX4 Leakproof 
workshop with any USB harborage 
6 projecting modes 

veritably compact 
Can also be installed in buses 
Up to,000 hours of lifetime 

Only 1 color lighting 
Buy Now From Amazon 

7. SnowCinda Night Light Star Projector 

Snow Cinda Night Light Star Projector For those of you who are  looking for an affordable gift choice for kiddies, you should surely  check out the Snow Cinda Star Projector Night Light as it’s seductive  light effect will surely be loved by everyone. 

This projector night light can change the innards of any room with its seductive 9 color lighting goods.

Since it’s made out of terrain-friendly ABS material, its figure  quality is relatively good and it’s completely safe for children  as well.

Unlike other analogous night light options, this bone has an upgraded motor that doesn’t make important noise while rotating, so it’s not going to disturb your kiddies while sleeping. 

piecemeal from that, it has three buttons at the front by which you can elect the asked color and lighting effect you want. also, there’s also a DC 5V power input harborage that can be used to power up this night light.

On the other hand, you can indeed power up this night light by  using 4x AAA batteries. The package only includes the USB power  string, but no AC appendage or batteries. 

Stylish features 

Up to 9 lighting goods 
Binary Power force modes 
safe-deposit box and environmental protection ABS material 

Easy to use 
Operates still 
Elegant design 

AC appendage isn’t included 
Buy Now From Amazon 

8. Yachance Night Light Star Projector 

Yachance Night Light Star Project or If you want to buy a  nightlight for babies, Yachance offers a really high- end  lighting option that not only turns your room into a night  sky but also provides you with soothing sound goods. 

Not only this night light has 8 different color lighting goods, but the special part is that it also has an in- erected speaker that can play up to 9 natural sounds similar as shushing, twinkle, etc.

that will be soothing for the babies and help them get a night of better and deeper sleep. In addition, this nightlight also features a TF card niche, so you can also play your favorite music as well. 

Since this night star light is largely advanced, it also comes with a remote control that allows you to set a timekeeper for this night light.

In addition, the remote also allows you to acclimate the volume  situations of the in- erected speakers and other music playback  controls as well. For powering this star projector, all you need is an AC wall appendage and a USB power string which comes  included in the box. 

Stylish features 

Up to 8 lighting goods 
In- erected speaker with 9 natural sounds 
Comes with AC wall appendage, USB power string, and 128M Memory card 

Ideal for babies 
Easy to use 
High- resolution lighting 

The speaker isn’t veritably loud 
Buy Now From Amazon 

9. Lupantte Night Light Star Projector 

Lupantte Night Light Star Projector While most other star projectors on this list are meant for children, this option from Lupantte is one of the most high- end bones that can be used by anyone. 

This star projector comes with a unique football design that looks  veritably seductive. Well, this isn’t only light but also a speaker,  so you can also use it to play music at parties.

Unlike other star lights, this bone can project up to 72 different lighting goods which are further than any other option in this list.

Our particular favorite lighting effect from this star projector is the nebula lighting as it creates quite a comforting atmosphere  in the entire room. 

piecemeal from that, this star projector supports Bluetooth,  so you can use that to play music from your mobile phone  directly.

In fact, you can also fit a USB drive and play your songs  playlist fluently. also, you can also download an operation  on your mobile and take full control of this projector.

In the operation, you get a lot of control options, and also the  timekeeper function as well. Although it’s a bit precious as  compared to other options, its features are intriguing and it’s indeed covered under a 1 time long bond also. 

Stylish features 

erected- in speaker 
Up to 72 lighting goods 
Mobile operation control 

Nebula lighting is relatively beautiful 
important speaker 
Supports USB drive for music playback 

A bit dear than other options 
Buy Now From Amazon 

10. Merece LED 3 in 1 Star Galaxy Projector 

Merece LED 3 in 1 Star Galaxy Projector Coming over next, we’ve yet another high- end star projector option from Merece LED which has relatively a unique design and is largely  durable as well. 

Talking about the features, it’s principally 3 bias in 1 as it can  work as a star projector, white noise machine, and a Bluetooth Speaker.

Although the price is slightly on the advanced side, it’s completely  worth it. The star lighting is relatively seductive and turns your room  ceiling into a beautiful night sky with the click of a button.

You can enjoy an amazing sunup starry lightshow right in your  room with its 10 colors 360 ° rotational dynamic protrusions. also, the light also has 4 bus- off timekeeper options that you can  fluently set with the help of the remote control. 

In addition, since it works as a white noise machine, it can  also help you sleep well and comfortably. still, if you’re in the mood for a party, simply connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth, and enjoy your favorite music anytime.

That said, it’s a perfect choice to get both for kiddies as well as  grown-ups, and can be a great choice for a gift as well. In addition, Merece LED also offers a 1 time long bond for this star projector. 

Stylish features 

erected- in Bluetooth Speaker 
Has up to 5 white noises erected- in 
Up to 10 lighting goods 

Premium make quality 
sunup starry light show is stylish for parties 
Easy connectivity with Bluetooth 

Slightly precious 
Buy Now From Amazon 

11. Suyeeson Galaxy Star Projectors 

Suyeeson Galaxy Star Projectors 

Coming on our list, we’ve the star projector from Suyeeson, which is one of the high- end options that can be used by anyone with its amazing features at an affordable price range. 

This 8- in- 1 world star projector from the house of Suyeeson has a football design that offers the perfect décor to your room,  especially on special occasions.

It effectively projects the patterns of nebulae goods and stars, which switch automatically or manually into the single or binary  color mode, inflow speed, and light brilliance via the app creating 16 million different lighting goods, which is much further than any  other option in this list. 

This 8- in- 1 world star projector will turn your ceiling into a world that you can control either by its devoted app or remote control. It let you shroud the light brilliance, play music, and set the timekeeper before bed( 1/2/4 hours) or schedule( for bus power on/ off). While the erected- in Hi- Fi speaker will let brace the projector with the phone and thereby use it to play favorite music, cotillion music, and play a lullaby for a comfortable sleep for kiddies. 

This works still and automatically turns off as per the set instructions. It’s fully safe, inoffensive(eco-friendly), and easy to use, as it’s good with RoHS, CE, and FCC norms. So, it’s a perfect gift for your family or musketeers. still, there’s no information available on its bond. 

Stylish Features 

erected- in Hi- Fi speaker 
Up to 16 million lighting goods 
Features timed near, malleable brilliance, and night light 
safe-deposit box and environmental protection ABS material 
Controlled via. App and remote control, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa 

Nebula lighting to produce a comfortable atmosphere 
important speaker 
Easy to use and operates still 
Supports USB drive/ Bluetooth for music playback 
Customize color mode and change as per the scene. 

Lacks bond information 
Doesn’t include an AC wall appendage. 
Buy Now From Amazon 

12. Hodo Tesoky Night Light Star Projector 

Hodo Tesoky Night Light Star Projector Since so numerous good night light options are available in the request, you can  consider this option from HODO Tesoky as this is dedicatedly  meant for kiddies who don’t like to sleep in the dark. 

This is a largely affordable option, yet the figure quality of this  star projector is relatively emotional. Speaking of the lighting  goods, this projector works in 3 different modes.

The night beacon modes can be used for normal ambient lighting while the starry night mode has all the intriguing goods  that kiddies will surely enjoy. Since it has 4 LED light lights, it can project up to 13 lighting goods in aggregate. 

piecemeal from that, this night light features three control buttons at the front which makes operating this night light easy for everyone.

 Speaking about the power force, this star beacon can either  be powered using 4 AAA batteries, or you can also use an AC wall appendage. The power string is formerly included in the box, but no appendage is handed, unfortunately. 

Stylish features 

Has 4 LED lights 
Up to 13 lighting goods 
Binary power force modes 

Made from eco-friendly material 
Easy to use controls 
Beautiful starry night sky goods 

No citation of the bond 
Buy Now From Amazon



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Buying Companion for the Stylish Star Projector 

Either you want a star projector for your kiddies, or for yourself, the list mentioned over has plenitude of good options to choose  from. No doubt, we’re all huge suckers of sunup lights, and night  skies and these lights help us to witness it right inside our homes. 

still, when it comes to buying one from the request, anyone can get  fluently confused as there are hundreds of options available out there.

That being said, we’ve come up with these detailed buying attendants  for you all that will help you pick the right star projector for yourself.

 Hence, make sure to read it until the end as it’ll make it easier for you to find the stylish star projector from the list over.  So, without wasting any time, lets ’ jump right on to the data. 

1. Colors 

First of all, when you’re out there looking for a star projector, you should check the number of LED lights there and how  numerous colors it can project. 

No doubt, there are several light options in the list that only have single color light, but they still give amazing lighting goods.  still, if you want to pick a star light projector that can throw multiple  colors, there should be 3 or 4 LED lights in the projector to  make it possible. 

2. Lighting goods 

piecemeal from the light colors, you should also pay attention to the total number of combinations and lighting goods a projector can show.

However, there are plenitude of star projector options  available that offer up to 10- 15 lighting goods, and a many other options have indeed more different goods,

If you look into the list. also, if you like sunup lighting and nebula goods, you can fluently find a star projector for that in our list also. 

3. Power Supply 

In the case of star light projectors, utmost options are  generally USB powered or come with an AC wall  appendage for the power force. 

similar options are good to place near walls as you can fluently find a wall socket hard. 

still, if you want to place the projector beacon in the center  of the room, you should go for options that are battery- powered.

 Keeping that in mind, we’ve tried to include both kinds of options  in the list, and some options can operate on both USB power as  well as batteries.

 Hence, it shouldn’t be a hard task for you to pick the stylish suitable option for yourself. 

4. timekeeper or Timer

One of the most intriguing and innovative features that you’ll find in utmost ultramodern star light projectors is the  timekeeper function.

Well, some projectors come with buss hut- off features as well which is relatively helpful if you’re using the projector at your sleep time.

Both the time keeper features and bus shut- off features are  good as they help save the battery life of the projector as well as the lifetime of the LED lights in the projector. 

5. Speaker 

There are a many good star projector options out there which  indeed come with an in- erected Bluetooth speaker. 

Hence, if you’re looking for a light option to use for decoration at  parties, the bones that come with speakers are a great choice  to pick.

While picking a light with an in- erected speaker, make sure to check  for Bluetooth connectivity, and remote control so that you can operate  the device accessibly. For further convenience, you can indeed look  for options that connect via a mobile operation as well. 

Constantly Asked Questions 

1. Are Star Projectors good to use at the resting time? 
Ans. Star projectors offer quite a soothing gamble of light  goods at the ceiling of your room, which aren’t generally  harsh on the eyes.

 Hence, if you’re wearied of looking at the dark ceiling, you can surely use a star projector at night time. On the other hand, indeed some kiddies are hysterical to sleep  in the dark, so star projectors can also come helpful in similar situations. 

2. Where should we place the launch projector in the room? 
Ans. To cover the entire room with the lighting goods, it’s  generally advised to place the star projector in a corner of the  room, at the ground, while aiming the lights towards the center  of the ceiling.

This way, the goods from the projector get unevenly distributed in the entire room. In the case of projectors that throw light from the  top, it’s advised to use them in the center of the room, in a safe  place so no bone hits it accidentally. 

3. Are battery- powered star projectors good? 
Ans. Yes, both the Battery- powered and USB- powered star projectors are good in their own way. In places where there’s no wall socket available hard, you have to calculate on the  other power source that’s batteries. 

Final thoughts. 

That’s it from our side! This was the list of all the stylish star projectors available in the request right now. Since there are so numerous good and affordable lighting options available on the list, you can check the features and snare whichever you like. 

For farther help, you can go through the buying companion as it contains a lot of important information about star projectors.

 Now, it’s all your decision to make, but, if you’re getting confused and not suitable to elect the right projector option for yourself,  feel free to consider buying one of our particular recommendations. 

From the list, the Fortally kiddies Night Light is one of the  stylish options to pick as it offers up to 9 different beautiful lighting goods, especially the nebula effect. also, the base rotates about 360 Degree and offers an amazing star lightshow.

In addition, it has a binary power force and also comes with a  continuance bond. 
On the other hand, the Lupantte Moon Nebula Light Projector is one of the most advanced options as it offers up to 72 different  lighting goods, and comes with in- erected Bluetooth speakers  as well. In fact, you can indeed plug in a USB drive and hear to your favorite playlists.

In addition, another good fact is that it also has a 1- time bond. 
Well, if you’re looking for commodity decoration, there’s no better  option than the Suyeeson Galaxy Star Projectors as it’s a largely  important projector and can make your entire room party-ready in  just one click.

It has an in- erected Bluetooth speaker and music responsive lights that can glow in over to 30 different styles.  also, it also has a ray light that’s perfect for parties. 

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