10 Best Night Light Reviews in 2024 -2025.

Not everyone is fond of the pitch-black environment in their homes at the time of night. Instead, a lot of users prefer installing dedicated night lights all around the house to have a minimal level of brightness in the house at all times.

This is quite helpful as you won’t have to struggle in the dark if you want to get water in the middle of the night. Night lights are also pretty cheap for purchase as well as installation.

Therefore, you should also pick a couple of decent night lights for your home right now. Here are some things to remember while buying a set of night lights.

Number of units: As we mentioned before, night lights are available in a set. While some sets will offer 1 or 2 lights, there are some options that feature up to 6 lights.

With such sets, you will get more lights within a single set which brings down the overall price of a single unit. Also, you will be able to install more units in your house at once.

Wattage: The wattage rating for every electronic item represents its output capacity. For a night light, the wattage capacity basically gives you an idea about its brightness level. The light with a higher wattage rating will be certainly brighter.

However, night lights are designed to be power efficient and you will mostly find these options within the 0.5 to 1 watt range.

Warranty: Even though the night lights are quite cheap, installing them can be a hassle, especially if you are installing multiple units in your house.

Therefore, you should be looking for reliable options that don’t need a repair or replacement anytime soon.

On our picks, you will find a handful of options that are backed by a lifetime warranty period which is certainly a good choice.

Buying a new set of lights requires a lot of attention. The lights, such as night lights, are not only installed for illumination, but also as a part of the decorum in your home.

Therefore, you need to pick the best and most attractive-looking option for your house to get the best experience.

Once you go through our list of the best night lights mentioned here, you can easily find such an option for your home.

You can also refer to our “Buying Guide” for the best night lights present later in the article if you need any more help.

Best Night Light Reviews

  1. Vont ‘Lyra’ LED Night Light
  2. Uigos LED Night Light Lamp
  3. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Night Light
  4. GE LED Night Light
  5. Maxxima MLN-16 LED Plug in Night Light
  6. MAZ-TEK Plug-in Led Night Light
  7. SerieCozy LED Night Light
  8. Emotionlite Plug-in Night Light
  9. Lights by Night Mini LED Night Light
  10. Solatec Plug-in Led Night Light
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    Smart Features
    Brightness Levels
    Number of Lights in a set
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  13. Are there portable night lights?
    Best Night Light

1.Vont Lyra
LED Night Light.
60.5 wattLifetime Check On Amazon
2.Uigos LED Night
Light Lamp.
60.5 watt Check On Amazon
3.Hatch Baby
Night Light
1 1 year Check On Amazon
Night Light
290 days Check On Amazon
5.Maxxima LED
Plug in Night Light
41 year Check On Amazon
Plug-in Led
20.5 watt90 daysCheck On Amazon
7.Serie Cozy
LED Night Light
215 monthsCheck On Amazon
8.Emotionlite Plug-in
Night Light
41 yearCheck On Amazon
9.Lights by Night
Mini LED
690 daysCheck On Amazon
10.Solatec Plug-in
Led Night
61 watt per unit 10 yearsCheck On Amazon

Best Night Light Reviews

  1. Vont ‘Lyra’ LED Night Light

Vont ‘Lyra’ LED Night Light Vont is arguably the most popular brand for a variety of home decoration appliances. The following night light from Vont is a similarly popular option compared to many other brands in the market.

Coming in the 1st position, we have the Vont ‘Lyra’ LED Night Light. This is a pack of 6 LED lights that are equipped with a smart ambient light sensor.

With that, you can experience the fully automated performance of the lights based on surrounding light. As for the brightness levels, the lights are neither too dim for basic work, nor too bright to be unable to use at night.

And as you are getting 6 of them in the set, you can light up an entire hallway with the Vont ‘Lyra’ LED Night Lights.

Despite the specifications, the Vont ‘Lyra’ LED Night Lights are quite compact in size and have an expected lifespan of about 10000 hours, if not more.

The design of these lights is also quite modern as well as minimalistic, making it suitable for a lot of users.

Even the shape of the light is designed in such a way that it does not interrupt with other plug-in connections on the same board.

The Vont ‘Lyra’ LED Night Light ships with a lifetime warranty period, making it the most value for the money option from our picks.

Best Features

Pack of 6 LED night lights
5 watts per unit power capacity
Comes with a lifetime warranty period
Smart ambient light sensors
Compact and elegant design


The best option for plugged-in installations
Easy to set up and use
Highly energy-efficient option


Brightness levels are not adjustable
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  1. Uigos LED Night Light Lamp

Uigos LED Night Light LampUp next, we have enlisted yet another highly popular brand on our picks. There is a variety of night lights as well as other important home accessories designed by Uigos.

In the 2nd position, we have the Uigos LED Night Light. Similar to our first pick, the Uigos LED Night Light is also a pack of 6 LED-powered night lights that feature a smart sensor for automated functionality.

The sensor basically detects the ambient light and keeps the LEDs active from dust to dawn. As for the color of the light, these LEDs offer bright illumination with daylight white color which is preferred by many.

In every single night light on this pack, you will find 4 LEDs powering the unit. Thus, the brightness levels are quite balanced for each light. And as the LEDs are active for about 8 hours every day, the yearly power consumption for each light is about 2.2 Kwh for an entire year.

Uigos is also offering a replacement or even a refund on the lights if you are not satisfied with the performance of the unit.

Best Features

Pack of 6 LED night lights
5 watts per unit power capacity
Built-in smart light sensor
Up to 2.2 Kwh
Guarantee of performance


Free replacements or refunds offered by the brand
One of the budgets focused options
Compact and easy-to-install LED lights


LED color is static
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  1. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Night Light

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Night Light There are a lot of unique options available for night lights, especially with premium brands like Hatch.

The following option from Hatch is one of its highest-selling options which you will definitely like.

In the 3rd place, we are placing one of the most unique LED lights you can find in the market right now.

Even though it is quite expensive, the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine works out pretty well as a dedicated night lamp.

The best part about this unit is that it’s not only light but also a portable night music system that can play pre-defined melodies throughout the night.

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine allows a lot of customizations such as brightness levels, colors, sounds, and even volume controls.

To customize, you won’t have to manage any knobs or buttons. The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine supports complete remote access via the dedicated smartphone application which will grant you easy remote access from anywhere in the house.

You can also program the light to turn ON/OFF automatically via the app with the help of the scheduling feature.

There is already a preset list of the best night music available in the app which is backed by sleep experts so that you can get the best sleep while it’s on. Thus, it is a great option for bedroom installations.

Best Features

Multifunctional night light
Built-in speaker for playing night music
High level of customizations are available
Comes with a 1 year warranty period
Remote access via a dedicated smartphone app


Corded electric connection for reliable power supply
Can be customized right from the app
Various color options, as well as brightness levels, are available

The warranty period should have been longer
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  1. GE LED Night Light

GE LED Night LightGE appliances have been producing home appliances for quite a long time now. Thus, selecting one of the night light options from GE appliances is definitely a wise choice.

Up next, we are bringing yet another popular choice for a night light from GE appliances. The GE LED Night Light is a plug-in type of night light that also operates on an automated dusk-to-dawn sensor. It illuminates a warm white color with built-in LED lights which are perfect for night.

The lights are UL certified which further improves the reliability of the device. Also, the LEDs on the GE LED Night Light are stress tested before shipping, ensuring a longer lifespan for every light in the set.

The GE LED Night Light set includes 2-night lights which is certainly not a bad deal considering its price range. The units are also designed with a modern design aspect which makes it suitable for multiple types of installations such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc.

On the exterior, the lights have a glossy white finish which fits well with the theme of most living rooms, making them more of a showpiece at day. Despite the budget-focused price tag on the GE LED Night Light, GE appliances are offering a 90 day warranty period so that you can test the units completely for any manufacturing defects.

Best Features

Pack of 2 LED night lights
A safe and reliable option
Comes with a 90-day warranty
Great design for a night lamp
UL-certified for a longer lifespan

UL-certification ensures reliable performance and lifespan
Warm white LED color
No replacement is needed for LEDs

The warranty period is very short
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5. Maxxima MLN- 16 LED Plug in Night Light 

Maxxima LED Plug in Night Light There are only a sprinkle of brands in the request like Maxxima which offer similar great value for plutocrat products. The following option from Maxxima Store is a great illustration of the same. 

The Maxxima MLN Night Light is a draw- in type of night light that’s powered by 16 LEDs for every unit. therefore, indeed with 4 of these lights, that are included in a set, you can get enough bright illumination situations at the position of installation.

These lights work automatically grounded on the time of the day, or the girding light  to be precise. The LEDs offer a warm light affair which makes them suitable for a night light. 

The LEDs on the Maxxima MLN Night Light are largely energy-effective LEDs that don’t  bear any relief or form at all.

These zero- conservation LEDs will be functional for a veritably  longtime. To insure that, the Maxxima MLN Night Light is also backed with a time of bond. 

As for the design of the light, you’ll find the Maxxima MLN Night Light a bit larger in size due to the advanced number of LEDs powering each unit.

This ultimately limits the installation options for the light as you can only install one where there’s enough space available above the wall outlet. 

Stylish Features 

Pack of 4 LED night lights 
5 lumens brilliance position 
Comes with a 1- time bond period 
The cheapest option from our selection 
No relief needed 

A cheap yet dependable choice for a night light set 
ETL approved night light set 
A large number of LEDs on each unit 

Size isn’t ideal for all types of installations 
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6. MAZ- TEK Plug- in Led Night Light 

MAZ- TEK Plug- in Led Night Light MAZ- TEK has also landed a great choice  for a night light on our selection for the stylish night lights.

This is a set of ultramodern night lights that are a largely favored option for utmost  houses. MAZ- TEK LED Night Light is a set of 2 ultramodern design night lights with  malleable brilliance situations.

MAZ- TEK is also offering 2 color options for the LEDs that are warm white and  cool white which you can elect grounded on your preference.

These lights are also powered by an automated smart ambient light detector, making the lights fully automated. These lights will automatically turn on as soon as they descry a lack of natural light around them. 

still, don’t be, If you’re concerned about the color temperature. The lights are designed to emit the standard 3000K white light which is suited  for all types of installations.

The lights are largely movable thanks to their compact and feather light design. And for the LEDs, MAZ- TEK is promising about 50000 hours of lifetime on every  single LED powering this unit. You’ll also admit a 90 day bond period to completely  test the device for manufacturing blights. 

Best Stylish Features 

Pack of 2 LED night lights 
5 watts per unit power capacity 
Comes with a 90 day bond period 
minimum yet elegant light design 
Automatic light detector 


A great option for the price 
2 color options are available 
0 to 15 lumens brilliance settings with a slide switch 


Only 2 lights are included in the package 
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7. SerieCozy LED Night Light 

SerieCozy LED Night Light So far, you have substantially seen square-structured  lights for a night light, which might not be everyone’s first preference. therefore, we’re introducing a slightly different choice from SerieCozy up next on our picks. 

Unlike the maturity of options you have seen so far, the SerieCozy LED Night  Light is a set of 2 round- shaped LED lights which might be what you’re  looking for in our selection. The stylish part about buying a night light from SerieCozy is that you can elect from 6 different color options grounded on your preference.

The color options include warm white, amber, blue, pink, red, and standard white. As for the warm white color temperature, the LEDs are rated for 3200K which is  relatively good. 

There’s also a light detector present in the SerieCozy LED Night Light that enables automated performance for the lights. And the LEDs are relatively important, you’ll get  a larger illumination area with the SerieCozy LED Night Light. 

There’s also a erected- in radiator on each of these lights that ensures a bright as well as invariant light affair. Indeed though these are also one of the  cheaper options from our picks, the SerieCozy LED Night Light is backed with a 15 months bond period, which is relatively decent. 

Stylish Features 

Pack of 2 LED night lights 
Soft and invariant light 
Comes with 15 months bond period 
Round shaped LED lights 
erected- in light detector 


Up to 22 lumens brilliance for each light 
120 degrees light angle with the erected- in radiator 
About 50000 hours of rated lifetime 

Installation might not be ideal for compact spaces 
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8. Emotionlite Plug- in Night Light 

Emotionlite Plug- in

Night Light Emotionlite is bringing yet another great set of LED night lights  within a largely affordable price range. These are also comparatively larger lights  which are suitable for darker apartments. 

Emotionlite Night Light is a set of 4 large LED night lights that are powered with erected- in LEDs producing a warm white illumination. It also offers fully  independent operation thanks to the erected- in dusk to dawn light detector.

The lights will operate automatically formerly you install them. The light color temperature on the other hand is 2700K which represents a  soft and warm white color affair. 

Each of the 4 lights included in this package is a0.3 watts LED light with zero- conservation LEDs powering the unit. As the LEDs are largely energy-effective, you’re looking at about 25 cents running cost for each light for an entire time.

And as for the trustability of the LEDs, Emotionlite is promising up to 50000 hours  lifetime for every light. You’ll also get a time of bond on the Emotionlite Plug- in Night Light along with continuance specialized support. 

Best Stylish Features 

Pack of 4 LED night lights 
Continuance specialized support from the brand 
Comes with a 1 time bond period 
Up to 50000 hours lifetime 
Costs only 25 cents running cost annually 

UL certified LED lights 
2700K warm white color temperature 
largely dependable option 

Color options aren’t available 

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9. Lights by Night Mini LED Night Light 

Lights by Night Mini LED Night LightLights by night, as you can guess, is a devoted brand for a variety of LED lights. This brand is also offering a  enough great set of LED night lights which you should surely check out. 

We’ve one further set of high value for the plutocrat LED nightlights available on our picks made by Lights by Night.

This is a set of 6 LED lights, all of which are indirect in shape. thus, the compact size of the light is surely an advantage in the case of installation.

These lights are warm white in color and UL certified for a long and dependable lifetime.  Also, this set of LED night lights is draw- in type so that you won’t have to worry about any cables for connection. 

The Lights by Night night light also features smart light discovery. These lights can descry the illumination position of the room and automatically  turn ON when there’s inadequate light.

The LEDs on the other hand are fully safe  and conservation-free for life. piecemeal from the 6 lights in the set, Lights by Night is also offering 90 days of bond for the set which is  surely a good deal at this price range. 

Stylish Features 

Pack of 6 LED night lights 
safe-deposit box and seductive LED lights 
Comes with a 90 day bond period 
Compact design with a indirect shape 
UL certified lights 

Automatic light seeing technology 
Energy-effective LEDs 
High- quality night light 

Light might be too compact for some druggies 
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10. Solatec Plug- in Led Night Light 

Solatec Plug- in Led Night Light In the end, we’re bringing yet another largely  dependable option to our list. Solatec is going to be the stylish option if you’re  looking for a long- continuing option within an affordable budget. 

Finishing off our picks of the stylish night lights, we’ve the Solatec LED Night Light  which is available with the standard price label for a night light. 

still, this is a pack of 6 LED lights that are backed with 10 times of bond, making it one of the most value for the plutocrat options.

You’ll find Solatec a lot of necessary features on the light similar as an automatic detector, malleable brilliance situations, and color options, making it a pleasurable option. 

The Solatec LED Night Light is also enough elegant in terms of design. The LEDs on these lights are rated for 3000K or 5000K color temperature, making it a customizable option.

And as these are compact lights, they won’t block the sockets unnecessarily formerly  plugged in. still, the overall brilliance situations on the Solatec LED Night Light aren’t as  good as some other options. thus, you might have to consider installing multiple units at every position. 

Stylish Features 

Pack of 6 LED night lights 
1 watt per unit power capacity 
Comes with a 10 time bond period 
veritably compact LED night light 
automated performance 


Brilliance situations can be acclimated 
3000K and 5000K color temperature 
Lights don’t block the wall outlets 


The maximum brilliance position might be a bit low for darker places 
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Buying companion For The Stylish Night Light 

A night light is supposed to be a single or a set of bitsy lights that can  offer a rather dimmer illumination in your house at night.

The dimmer are the lights, the lower will be the power consumption from each unit. This will produce a nice terrain in your room without any significant increase  in the electricity costs. 

Moment, we’ve brought you the stylish night lights you can find in the request right now. You can precisely check the design as well as specialized specifications of each  product before you decide which option is best suited for you.

However, kindly relate to our buying companion for the stylish nightlights present then, If you aren’t sure how to elect a set of night lights.

In this companion, we will talk about the most important features of a simple night light  and how it can affect its installation as well as performance. 

Smart Features 

currently, you’ll find a sprinkle of smart features on nearly every electronic  device, indeed with atomic light bulbs. The smart features present on these bias  make your day- to- day life much easier and allow you to get the most out of your purchase.

In a night light, you’ll also find a sprinkle of smart features similar as automated ON/ OFF, listed triggers, ambient light detectors, and a lot further. 

And if you’re buying a smarter option, you’ll indeed get WiFi comity which allows you to connect the night light directly to your smartphone.

This way, you can ever pierce the night light and control its parameters similar as  colors, brilliance situations, scheduling options, and much further.

There are a sprinkle of night lights that also feature a compact speaker on the inside from which you can play pre-programmed night sounds to give you a well- rested night’s sleep. 

similar options are also perfect for kiddies ’ apartments as you can program the light to  work as a mild alarm for the kiddies. 

Brilliance situations 

As you’re buying a light, you should consider checking the outside and minimal  brilliance situations of the light. occasionally, you might need a bright light depending upon your room size indeed though you’re buying a night light. 

On the other hand, if you’re buying a number of lights for a room, you can prefer low  brilliance night lights. In utmost cases, the brilliance situations aren’t malleable as a lot of  nightlights are draw- and- play type bias.

 still, you can still find some great options that allow multiple situations of brilliance so that you can use the light for multiple purposes.

However, also indeed the least bright night light will get the job done, If you’re using the light just for the look of it. 

And if you’re looking for a night light that shall allow you to get introductory tasks done  within the darkness of the night, make sure you buy an option that supports brilliance  position adaptations. As for the stoner interface for the same, a lot of lights allow smartphone- grounded  connectivity for ease of access.

And on some lights, you’ll have to manually acclimate the brilliance situations on the light itself. 

Number of Lights in a set 

The night lights are generally available in a certain set. As a lot of druggies install  further than one night light in their house, it’s better to look for a set so that you can get your hands on multiple lights at formerly.

This gives you the freedom of installing fresh lights in your house which further  improves the look and sense of the setup. 

Or, you can keep the fresh lights as a backup in case one or further lights  encounter a problem.

Another great thing about buying a set is that while it might be a bit more precious than  single options, the set includes 4 to 6 lights which brings down the average price  of a single unit.

 Night lights are generally rated with a veritably low running cost and you’re looking at an expenditure of about 20 to 30 cents for a single light throughout the time. thus, you should surely get a set of multiple night lights and produce a decent night light  setup in your house. 


Incipiently, we will suggest you precisely check the trustability of the product you’re buying. As the night lights are small and intricate bias, they can fluently get damaged by  humidity contact or shock and impact.

As the night lights are fully sealed bias, there’s little to no room for repairs. thus, if your night light is damaged, you’ll have to stay for a relief. And if it’s not covered under bond, also you’ll have to shell out further for a new set. 

You can avoid all of that by getting a decent set right now. A couple of options present on our picks moment have a continuance bond period that’s surely the stylish value for your investment. However, you can prefer the bones that offer at least a time of bond, if not further, If not. On the other hand, there are also a many budget options that offer  about 90 days of the bond period which is good enough to test the device. 

constantly Asked Questions 

1. Do night lights consume a lot of power? 

Ans Night lights are generally small LED lights that feature a set of LED lights  inside a incompletely reflective coating.

As you may formerly know, LED strips are relatively cheap and don’t  consume a lot of power. thus, the power affair standing for a standard night  light is between0.5 to 1 watts. As these lights are so energy effective, you won’t be paying further than a bone to operate these lights for an entire time. 

2. How numerous night lights should I get? 

Ans The answer to this question depends upon a lot of variables similar  as the size of your room, available sockets, number of apartments in your house, etc.

In any case, buying a set of 6- night lights is a great option as you can most  presumably install at least one light from the set in every room.

However, you can use multiple lights in the same room for better brilliance  situations, If not. Getting a advanced number of night lights also works as a  great backup in case one or further lights get damaged down the line. 

3. Are there movable night lights? 

Ans You can fluently find movable night lights in the request. Right now, there are battery- powered night lights in the request that are also shaped  like the moon which offer quite a unique experience.

But, these lights calculate on a battery and won’t give you a dependable experience. Also, movable nightlights are vastly more precious  than utmost of the options present then. thus, we will recommend getting a corded or plug- in type night light for the stylish experience. 


Night lights are enough easy and straightforward bias. therefore, there are hundreds of brands in the request that produce and distribute these lights.

It has created a rather crowded request for these bias which might come a bit confusing for someone who’s buying a night light for the first time. 

thus, we’ve precisely shortlisted some of the most trusted and dependable  options in the request and presented them on our list today.

However, you can get it right down, If you have formerly set up the stylish option for yourself. However, try one of our favorite choices given then,

If not. GE LED Night Light is the cheapest set of night lights present in the  request right now. This set includes 2 lights.

Both of which are draw- in types of lights. Indeed though this set is relatively cheap, you’ll be getting a 90 days bond period which is clearly better than no bond.

And on top of that, you also get UL- certified LED lights for extended trustability. The GE LED Night Light can be used in the bedroom, restroom, hallway, kitchen, or any other  room in your house without any problem. 

The Hatch Baby Night Light is the most precious option you’ll come through on our list moment.

As you might have guessed, this is no ordinary night light. rather, it’s  principally a combination of a night light and a small speaker which can be controlled  by the devoted smartphone app.

The operation allows scheduling, automatic ON/ OFF, sound selection, color options, and much further. The Hatch Baby Night Light comes with a time of bond from the date  of purchase.

 Incipiently, we will recommend getting the Vont ‘ Lyra ’ LED Night Light set.  Indeed though it’s also a cheaper option, this set of 6 lights is warranted for a continuance  against any manufacturing blights or other problems.

The lights turn ON and OFF automatically thanks to the ambient light detector installed  on the units. You’ll also have the option to elect the cool white or warm white light color  grounded on your preference. 

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