Recommendable Direction for Solar Panels

When you’re installing a set of new solar panels on the roof of your home or office, there are a lot of effects to consider. piecemeal from checking their power standing and size, you also need to check and make sure that you’re using the right direction for the same.

Without having the right direction, indeed the most important solar panel won’t be suitable to offer optimum power situations. This is due to the reason that the right direction for your solar panel is largely important to insure optimum effectiveness since without it, your solar panels won’t be performing at their optimum effectiveness.

To help you find the stylish direction for solar panels, we’re then with a complete companion. You’ll find all the important factors and details regarding solar panel direction down below. By going through this companion, you can install your solar panels in the right direction and get high- effectiveness power affair from them.


  1. Direction for Maximizing Output
  2. Direction for Net Metering
  3. Direction for Battery Systems
  4. Direction for Time of Use Billing
    Solar System Direction and Output Impact
  5. Direction from South
  6. Latitude
  7. Roof Pitch
    What if the Roof is not Facing the South Direction?
  8. Install Additional Solar Panels
  9. Install Solar Panels on the Ground
  10. Install Solar Panel Trackers
    Calculating Solar Panel Output as per the Direction
    Final thoughts

exposure for Solar Panels
Before taking a look at the exact direction and position in which you should install your solar panels, you should first consider and learn about the factors which affect the effectiveness of your solar panels. For the same, let’s take a look at the exposure of your solar panels. Without having the right exposure of your solar panels, the sun won’t fall vertical to your solar panels performing in a lower power effectiveness.

As for what exactly the exposure for solar panels means, it includes the position, the direction, and the angle of your solar panels. Since we’ve bandied the direction and angle of your solar panels down below, we will take a look at the placement for now. In utmost cases, it’s recommended to install solar panels on angled rooftops that have a slant since they will offer better effectiveness thanks to their better angle without demanding any adaptations.

Coming to the direction for solar panels, it’s one of the most important factors regarding solar panels. It affects the effectiveness and power affair of your solar panels more than anything. However, also it’s recommended to change the direction of your solar panels to south since it’ll offer the stylish effectiveness affair, If you’re living in the northern semicircle. But if you want the stylish effectiveness, also you need to point your solar panels to the true south and not the glamorous south which are slightly different.

While the south direction offers the stylish effectiveness, going for a south west direction is better for solar panels being used in homes. This allows them to induce power indeed during evening and late hours which is generally when people living in homes power multiple appliances performing in advanced power consumption.

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Angle for Solar Panels
While the direction of your solar panels tells you about the exposure of your solar panels separate to the sun, the angle of your solar panel tells you about its cock or the angle between the ground and the solar panel. To insure that your solar panels have the right angle for optimum power product, you should go with an angle the same as your geographical latitude.

In case your latitude is 40 degrees, also your solar panels should also be installed at 40 degrees to the ground. This means that if you’re near the pole, also your solar panels will have a advanced cock towards the ambit. And if you’re near the ambit, your solar panels will be nearly flat and laying down on the roof. However, also you’ll need to have a slightly advanced cock to help snow accumulation on your solar panels to insure that the sun isn’t blocked, If it snows relatively a lot in your area.

Overall Stylish Direction for Solar Panels
Now that you know further about the factors affecting the power affair and effectiveness of your solar panels, you might want to know about the overall stylish direction for solar panels. Unfortunately, chancing the same isn’t that simple or straight forward. This is due to the reason that the direction of your solar panels will differ depending on the asked operation and given script. Because of this, we’re then with the following optimum directions for solar panels according to your asked operation and operations

1. Direction for Maximising Affair
still, also you may want to know about the direction for maximising affair, If you don’t want to consider anything additional but want the utmost power affair from your solar panels. For the same, if you’re living in the northern semicircle, also you should go in the south direction. In utmost cases, by pointing your solar panels towards the south direction will affect in maximum sun each around the time.

2. Direction for Net Metering
There might be numerous cases where your position and area might have the option for full retail 11 net metering. Because you have both grid power and solar panel power available, you would want your solar panels to be as effective as possible indeed if the total power affair produced throughout the day is lower.

For this, you should point your solar panels towards the south direction. Since the south direction results in high power affair during noon where utmost homes have lower power affair, you can export the redundant produced power performing in lower power bills.

3. Direction for Battery Systems
analogous to net metering, you would want your solar panels to produce redundant power during the day if you’re using battery systems. This is to insure that your solar panels aren’t only powering up your appliances but also charging the battery system at the same. Due to this, if you’re using a battery system, also you should install your solar panels in the south direction. This direction is perfect if you want to go fully off grid since your batteries will be completely charged on a diurnal base.

4. Direction for Time of Use Billing
While it isn’t veritably common, some areas might have TOU or Time of Use billing. similar areas basically charge more for grid power for specific times which is generally the evening hours when utmost people end up using further electricity and power. To overcome this increased power cost, you would want your solar panels to offer a advanced power affair during late hours and the evening. As a result, installing your solar panels in the southwest direction in case of Time of Use billing is largely recommended.

Solar System Direction and Affair Impact
By this point, it must be enough clear that using your solar panels while having a south direction is the most optimal in utmost cases. still, this might not be possible for everyone and you might be looking to install your solar panels facing a different direction. Since this reduces the effectiveness of your solar panels, it’ll also impact the overall affair. As for the exact power affair impact you can anticipate, it depends on the direction that you’re using as given then

Direction Anticipated Power Affair Loss
Southwest/ Southeast 8
East/ West 15
North 30
In case you’re wondering about similar drastic impacts on the power affair of your solar panels due to direction change, it’s primarily due to the following factors

1. Direction from South
As you turn your solar panels more and more down from the south direction, the power affair of your solar panels will reduce indeed further. Because of this, while southwest and southeast directions have a veritably minimum power affair loss, turning your solar panels to the north which is the fully contrary side results in a much advanced power affair loss.

2. Latitude
Your geographical latitude also determines the quantum by which the power affair of your solar panels will be affected as per the direction you’re using. In utmost cases, solar panels installed near to the pole will have a bigger impact on their power affair than the solar panels which are installed near to the ambit.

3. Roof Pitch
The angle of your roof or its cock will also determine the quantum by which the power affair is affected depending on the direction that you’re using. In general, a lower roof pitch or cock has a lower effect on the power affair loss. Any roof which has a steep cock will affect the power affair of your solar panels indeed if they’re slightly down from the south direction.

What if the Roof isn’t Facing the South Direction?
As stated before, the south direction is the stylish direction to choose if you want to have the loftiest power affair from your solar panels. Unfortunately, not everyone has a south facing roof for their homes and services. In such a case, you might be looking for other ways to install your solar panels facing south. For the same, you can consider the ensuing options if you want the stylish affair from your solar panels

1. Install fresh Solar Panels
still, also their total power affair will be lower than what you want, If your solar panels aren’t working at their optimum effectiveness situations. To compensate for this, you can consider installing fresh solar panels to get the same total effective power affair from your solar panels. This can be a great option if you have the budget and space for installing fresh solar panels on the roof of your home or office.

2. Install Solar Panels on the Ground
Those of you who have a large vicinity or front yard can also consider installing solar panels on the ground. Not only is it cheaper to install solar panels on the ground than on the roof, but they also allow for easier conservation since you can fluently pierce your solar panels. And since you’re installing solar panels on the ground, you can make them face any direction you prefer.

3. Install Solar Panel Trackers
In case budget isn’t an issue for you, also you can consider getting solar panel trackers. These are special mounting options for solar panels which basically turn your solar panels into automated bones . similar solar panels trackers make your solar panels face the sun impeccably at all times which results in optimum power affair and effectiveness indeed if your roof isn’t facing the south direction.

Calculating Solar Panel Affair as per the Direction
Whether you’re installing your solar panels facing the south direction or not, you would still want to check their total power affair before installing them or buying a set of solar panels. Since planning the direction and exposure of your solar panels is largely important, there are numerous calculators available out there. One similar great option is the Solar Reviewers calculator. It helps you in chancing the exact power affair of your solar panels grounded on the direction, angle, exposure, and much further.

Final Thoughts
Since we’ve covered nearly every detail regarding solar panel direction up over, you must be suitable to fluently pick the stylish direction for solar panels by going through this companion. All of these different factors affect the effectiveness of your solar panels in a different way. In fact, we’ve also covered the optimum direction for your solar panels for different scripts and operations.

By going through these, you can fluently install your solar panels in the right direction for getting optimum effectiveness and power out of them. However, make sure to partake your studies in the commentary section, If you have gone through all the information regarding the stylish direction for solar panels given above. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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