8 Best Stylish Solar Bollard Lights Reviews in 2024


Top 8 Solar Bollard Lights Reviews

  1. Sunwind Solar Bollard Lights Outdoor
  2. Sterno Home GL42077 Bollard Outdoor Landscape
  3. Sogrand Solar Garden Bollard Lights Outdoor
  4. Tommy Bahama Solar LED Pathway Bollard Light
  5. GreenLighting Modern Bollard Garden Path Light
  6. GAMA SONIC Silver Stainless Steel Bollard LED Lamp
  7. Lamplust Solar LED Pathway Light
  8. Sunnydaze 18-Inch Outdoor Cement Bollard
    Buying Guide for the Best Solar Bollard Lights
  9. Number of Lights
  10. Light Height
  11. Brightness Output
  12. Battery Life
  13. Warranty

In case you have a walking path or a driveway in front of your home, you would  want it to be duly illuminated at night to see everything easily.

And when it comes to illuminating similar paths, going with a bollard light can be  a great idea. For the same reason, we’re then with the stylish solar bollard lights that  have been picked as per these points

Number of Lights When you’re installing solar bollard lights, you would want multiple  of them. therefore, utmost of them come in a pack of multiple lights to offer you a better  value for plutocrat. Hence, you can find multiple solar bollard light pack sizes like 4 lights,

6 lights, and indeed 8 lights for fluently covering a large area.
Light Height Any given solar bollard light will only look good if it’s altitudinous in height. And therefore, make sure to check the light height of your solar bollard lights which can  include heights like 15 elevation, 18 elevation, and indeed 24 elevation. Out of all these options, the high height of 24 elevation is going to be the best stylish.

Brilliance Affair 
Indeed if you’re going with a solar powered light, you’ll still want it to be as important as possible for duly illuminating the space around your home. And for the same, you can find the brilliance affair standing for utmost solar bollard  lights which is given as 10 lumens, 20 lumens, and indeed 100 lumens where a  advanced standing is always better.

Indeed though these are some of the most important points related to solar bollard lights, there’s still much further to consider while going with solar bollard lights.  therefore, all of the stylish solar bollard lights given down below also have their significant  specifications and features mentioned with them. To help in further picking the right one,

we’ve also given expansive Buying companion along with some of the common FAQs for the stylish solar bollard lights so that you can go with the best stylish solar bollard  lights by the end of this listing.

1. Sunwind Solar Bollard Lights out-of-door

Sunwind and its solar products are relatively popular since they offer  excellent functionality without charging a decoration for the same  analogous to its solar bollard lights stated then.

The Sunwind solar bollard light pack is present in the 1st position in this list since this is one of the stylish entry position options out there. Despite being one of the most affordable options out there, you still get a aggregate of 6 solar bollard lights  inside the box.

 More importantly, all of these solar bollard lights have a decent light height of15.7 elevation. still, to keep the price low, these solar bollard lights have an average brilliance affair of  just 6 lumens. Thankfully, this low brilliance affair does affect in a enough long battery life  standing of over to 8 hours. Another great thing is that you do get a 1- time long bond  with these Sunwind solar bollard lights which is relatively amazing for the given price.

Best Stylish Features

Offers a aggregate of 6 solar bollard lights inside the box
Rated solar bollard light height of15.7 elevation
labors a maximum brilliance of over to 6 lumens
Lasts for over to 8 hours on a single charge
Comes included with a 1 time long bond period


Excellent value for plutocrat options thanks to an entry- position price label
serviceably altitudinous and large- sized solar bollard lights
Quite an amazing battery life standing on a single charge


Brilliance affair is relatively low.


2. Sterno Home GL42077 Bollard Outdoor Landscape

Indeed though Sterno Home is a lower given brand of solar products, all of its immolations can be a relatively good option for all those who are looking for  high performance products like solar bollard lights.

Sterno Home’s GL42077 solar bollard light pack is present in the 2nd position in this listicle as these are perfect for all night operation.

As for the number of lights that you get in the box, this solar bollard light pack offers a  aggregate of 6 lights. Although, these solar bollard lights have an average height of 11 elevation which is a bit lower than others.

That being said, the brilliance affair of these solar bollard lights is surely on the average  side which is given as7.5 lumens. Fortunately, analogous to the former Sunwind immolation, these Sterno Home solar bollard lights also offer a battery life of over to 8 hours thanks to the given brilliance affair. Unfortunately, unlike Sunwind, Sterno Home only offers a 30 day  long bond to the stoner.

Best Stylish Features

Offers a aggregate of 6 solar bollard lights inside the box
Rated solar bollard light height of 11 elevation
labors a maximum brilliance of over to7.5 lumens
Lasts for over to 8 hours on a single charge
Comes included with a 30 day long bond period

Great looking design with a serviceably altitudinous height
Enough long battery life standing for utmost
serviceably high value for plutocrat with a large pack size


Included bond period is relatively short and limited


3. Sogrand Solar Garden Bollard Lights Outdoor

Sogrand is much cheaper and a largely affordable brand of solar products that you can keep in mind if you’re in the request for commodity like solar bollard lights.

This Sogrand solar bollard light pack is present in the 3rd position in this list since this is a largely affordable pick for buyers on a tight budget. Since this is an entry position solar bollard light pack, it only offers 4 lights in the box which is to be anticipated. Although, the size of these solar bollard lights isn’t affected since they still have a height of 15 elevation.

Coming to the performance of these solar bollard lights, you’ll be glad to know that these are rated for a maximum brilliance of over to 10 lumens. While you do get a comparatively brighter light, these solar bollard lights don’t mention  any battery life standing which can be an issue for some.

And as you would anticipate from an entry- position pick like this, Sogrand only offers a 30- day bond period which is to be anticipated.

Best Stylish Features

Offers a aggregate of 6 solar bollard lights inside the box
Rated solar bollard light height of 15 elevation
labors a maximum brilliance of over to 10 lumens
Comes included with a 30 day long bond period

largely affordable and budget-friendly solar bollard lights
serviceably important and bright for the given price
Quite a good design with altitudinous height bollard lights

Doesn’t mention a battery life standing


4. Tommy Bahama Solar LED Pathway Bollard Light

Tommy Bahama is a well- known brand of solar products that are popular because of their design which goes great along with the included features like its solar bollard lights given then in this list.

The Tommy Bahama solar bollard light pack is the perfect pick for all those who are in the request for commodity unique. piecemeal from offering a great looking  tree- suchlike design, these solar bollard lights also come as a pack of 6 lights.

And just like utmost other solar bollard lights out there, these also have a height of 15 elevation with each light.

Moving over to the performance side of effects, these solar bollard lights are suitable to affair a maximum brilliance affair of over to 12 lumens despite their unique design. In fact, you indeed get a battery life standing of over to 8 hours with these lights. sorely, these solar bollard lights fall before in terms of their  treatability since you only get a 30- day bond with them.

Best Stylish Features

Offers a aggregate of 6 solar bollard lights inside the box
Rated solar bollard light height of 15 elevation
labors a maximum brilliance of over to 12 lumens
Lasts for over to 8 hours on a single charge
Comes included with a 30 day long bond period

Unique and stylish in class design with a tree like pattern
Fairly important along with an amazing battery life standing
Quite a big pack of lights for utmost druggies

Could have offered a longer bond period

Buy from Amazon.

5. GreenLighting Modern Bollard Garden Path Light

Despite being on the precious side, GreenLighting and its solar products like its solar bollard lights given then are the perfect pick for those who are looking for a  high value for plutocrat option.

GreenLighting’s solar bollard light pack can be the perfect pick for you if you have  a large sized vicinity and you want a high value for plutocrat pack of lights for the same. To be exact, this solar bollard lights pack comes with a aggregate of 8 lights in the box. And the stylish part is that these lights have a height of18.7 elevation which is relatively high.

One of the stylish effects about these solar bollard lights is that you get a maximum  brilliance affair of over to 65 lumens with these solar bollard lights which is much advanced than others.

And indeed with such a high brilliance standing, you get a decent battery life of over  to 6 hours on a single charge. still, GreenLighting only includes a 30 day long bond  indeed at the given price which is surely a bummer.

Best Stylish Features

Offers a aggregate of 8 solar bollard lights inside the box
Rated solar bollard light height of18.7 elevation
labors a maximum brilliance of over to 65 lumens
Lasts for over to 6 hours on a single charge
Comes included with a 30 day long bond period

Superb brilliance affair for high illumination at night
Perfect pick for large neighborhoods thanks to multiple lights in the box
Quite high and altitudinous bollard lights for covering a large area with ease

Poor bond period included with these solar bollard lights

Buy from Amazon.

6. GAMA SONIC Silver Stainless Steel Bollard LED Beacon

Gama Sonic is one of the most precious and ultra expensive options out there when you’re talking about solar bollard lights which is to be anticipated when you’re looking for such a important option.

This Gama Sonic 214801 solar bollard light pack is the perfect pick for you if you’re  looking for a high- performance product for your vicinity.

Although, despite its largely ultra expensive price label, you only get a single light  included in the box. Fortunately, this solar bollard light does offer a height of 24.25  elevation which clearly reflects its decoration price label.

But the crucial point of this solar bollard light is that you get a maximum brilliance  affair of over to 100 lumens which is much advanced than others.

And unlike what you would anticipate from such a important option, it still offers a  decent battery life of over to 5 hours on a single charge.

While you only get a 30 day long bond with these solar bollard lights, you do get a  enough amazing figure quality with them.

Best Stylish Features

Offers a aggregate of 1 solar bollard light inside the box
Rated solar bollard light height of24.25 elevation
labors a maximum brilliance of over to 100 lumens
Lasts for over to 5 hours on a single charge
Comes included with a 30 time long bond period

Stylish in class brilliance standing for excellent illumination at night
Decent battery life standing for the given brilliance affair
Enough large and altitudinous solar bollard light with ultra expensive construction


offers only a single solar bollard light included in the box

Buy from Amazon.

7. Lamplust Solar LED Pathway Light
Lamplust Solar LED Pathway Light

Lamplust is one of the newer options out there for those who are in the request  for a new solar bollard light that you can consider if you’re on a tight budget.

The Lamplust solar bollard light pack is the cheapest option present in this list which makes it the perfect pick for buyers with tight budget restrictions.

As you would anticipate from an entry position pick, you only get 1 light included in the box.  also, this solar bollard light has a height of 9 elevation which is surely on the shorter side.

Taking a look at the performance of this solar bollard light, it’s rated for over to 5 lumens of  maximum brilliance affair. Although, it doesn’t mention any specifications for its battery life  standing. That being said, you do get a 1 time long bond with this solar bollard light  which isn’t common at all with similar affordable and budget options.

Best Stylish Features

Offers a aggregate of 1 solar bollard light inside the box
Rated solar bollard light height of 9 elevation
labors a maximum brilliance of over to 5 lumens
Comes included with a 1 time long bond period

Superb entry position solar bollard light for buyers on a tight budget
Small and compact for tight spaces
Solid figure quality and bond period for the given price label

Lacks any information regarding its battery life rating
Buy Now From Amazon

8. Sunnydaze 18 Inch Outdoor Cement Bollard

In comparison to utmost other brands of solar bollard lights out there, Sunnydaze is a much more precious and ultra expensive option that you can consider if you’re looking for commodity great looking.

Sunnydaze solar bollard light pack is one of the stylish looking options out there for all those who are in the request for further ultra expensive options.

 Indeed though it’s such a largely ultra expensive immolation, you only get 2 solar bollard lights in the box. Thankfully, these solar bollard lights are fairly large with the  given 18 inch height which is enough altitudinous.

And while it might not be the loftiest, its given brilliance of over to 15 lumens is still relatively decent for utmost. More importantly, you get a battery life of  over to 8 hours which is relatively good for utmost.

 Being a largely ultra expensive immolation, this solar bollard light also offers a 1 time long bond which is to be anticipated.

Best Stylish Features

Offers a aggregate of 2 solar bollard lights inside the box
Rated solar bollard light height of 18 elevation
labors a maximum brilliance of over to 15 lumens
Lasts for over to 8 hours on a single charge
Comes included with a 1 time long bond period

Enough ultra expensive and great looking design and construction
Fairly long bond period along with a solid figure quality
serviceably long bond period and make quality

Quite an precious brace of solar bollard lights
Buy Now From Amazon

Buying companion for the Stylish Solar Bollard Lights

Indeed though bollard lights look relatively great when installed alongside your walking paths and driveway, installing similar lights in your frontal field or vicinity  can be relatively delicate due to the lack of power outlets.

Because of this reason, you should consider going with commodity like the stylish  solar bollard lights stated before in this listicle. Next to all of these solar bollard lights, you can also find their specified important aspects and factors.

And if you want to know indeed further about similar solar bollard lights,  also make sure to check out this complete buying companion for the  stylish solar bollard lights

1. Number of Lights
One of the most important factor to consider when getting solar bollard lights is the  number of lights offered inside the box. By going with solar bollard lights which offer  multiple lights, you can’t only cover a large area out of the box, but similar large  packs of lights also offer a better value for plutocrat to the stoner.

therefore you can try and find a multiple pack sizes like 2 lights,4 lights, 6 lights, and 8 lights while buying solar bollard lights. And if you’re looking for commodity  that offers a great value for plutocrat, also you should go with an 8 light pack of solar bollard lights.

2. Light Height
still, also you must know that similar lights only look good when the bollard  lights are altitudinous in height, If you’re familiar with solar bollard lights. In this case you can find different bollard lights with different specified heights on the descriptions. While entry- position options might be only 15 elevation in height, advanced- end  options can indeed have a height of 18 elevation of 24 elevation. similar high lights offer better illumination and cover a large area with ease.

3. Brilliance Affair
Speaking of illumination affair of your solar bollard lights, you should also check the  brilliance affair standing. The brilliance affair standing of your solar bollard light tells you about the exact brilliance of your lights which is given in lumens.

And just like any other, a advanced lumens rating results in a more important  and brighter light. This means that if you’re going with a 60- lumen or a 100- lumen solar bollard light, it’ll be important brighter than a 10- lumen bone .

4. Battery Life
analogous to any other solar powered light, a solar bollard light collects sun  during the day and converts it into electricity which also gets stored inside a battery And if you want a type of solar bollard light to keep working throughout the night, then would want this battery to last for as long as 8 hours plus. therefore, make sure to  check the battery life standing of your solar bollard light since a battery life standing of 8 hours or 10 hours is going to be more practical than a 4 hour long one if you want  your stylish solar bollard lights to last throughout the night.

5. Bond
piecemeal from being important and practical in terms of the battery life, you would also want your solar bollard light to be largely dependable and durable.

This means that you should go with a solar bollard light which offers a long bond  period along with it. While not all solar bollard lights come with an included bond period, you can still find a many options with a 1 time long bond which will clearly last for a longer period of time.

FAQs for the Stylish Solar Bollard Lights

1. How do you install a solar bollard light in your vicinity or frontal field?
Once you have chosen the perfect solar bollard lights for your requirements, you would want to install them in your vicinity or frontal field.

Fortunately, doing this is relatively easy since all of them have a stake  at the bottom. This stake goes inside the ground fairly fluently and makes for a complete tool less installation for your solar bollard lights.

2. Can you replace the battery of your solar bollard light if it isn’t performing well?

In case the battery of your solar bollard lights is offering a poor battery backup, also it’s most probably the time to replace them.

Thankfully, utmost solar bollard lights have AA batteries inside them that can be replaced by the stoner relatively fluently if demanded.

3. Do you have to manually switch on your solar bollard lights every night?  

Since you ’re most likely going to have multiple solar bollard lights around your home, turning them on one by one can be  fairly time consuming

And for the same reason, all solar bollard lights have light sensors in them which automatically turn on the light at night and turn them off during the day.

Whether you want to illuminate your vicinity or your frontal field, going with bollard lights is largely recommended thanks to their great looking design. also, similar bollard lights are indeed available  in solar models for easy installation.

In case you also want commodity analogous, you can go with one of the stylish  solar bollard lights given above in this composition.

With all of these stylish solar bollard lights, you can also discover their major  features and options. likewise, we’ve also explained a detailed buying companion  and the primary FAQs for the stylish solar bollard lights.

But if you’re still confused, you can consider going with one of our favorite  picks for the stylish solar bollard lights

Those of you who are on a tight budget can go with the LampLust solar bollard light  since it’s the cheapest option given above.

Because this is a budget immolation, you only get 1 solar bollard light in the box. As for its brilliance affair, it happens to be a 5 lumen solar bollard light which is to be anticipated at an entry- position price label. Although, unlike other budget immolations, this bone comes with a 1- time bond which is relatively better than others.

But if budget isn’t an issue for you and you want a largely important solar bollard light,  also you can consider the Gama Sonic light. Indeed though it only has a 30- day bond, it’s the largest option given above with a height of24.25 elevation. And the stylish part about this solar bollard light is that it also offers a  brilliance affair of over to 100 lumens.

In case you have a large vicinity or frontal field, and you want multiple solar bollard lights  for the same, also you can go with the GreenLighting solar bollard lights which is the stylish value for plutocrat option given above. This is made possible thanks to its superb pack size of 8 lights. Each of these lights also offers a enough high brilliance  affair of over to 65 lumens which goes great along with its18.17- inch height.

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