How Long Do Smart Bulbs Last? Comparison of Popular Brands

Smart Bulbs are one of the first effects you can automate in your home. You can control them over the internet.  Want to change the color of the light? Smart Bulbs can do it. You can set the mood of the house using these inconceivable bias. All these “ features ” make them more precious than regular LED Bulbs. This makes numerous consumers wonder […]

Do Smart Lights Use Electricity When They ’re Turned Off? 

People have moved on from traditional lights to hurt bulbs due to immense convenience. You can shroud the lights, change colors, and some smart bulbs can indeed play music. You can operate them with smart sidekicks similar as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. All you need to do is give voice  orders for the smart adjunct to operate the lights as per your  conditions. Smart bulbs are also energy-effective but there […]

How Does Alexa Turn on Lights 

The day isn’t far down when utmost of our home bias  come smart bias. Going by the fissionability of smart bias and  smart sidekicks, people prefer smart bias over traditional bias. This is because smart bias are making our life easier as you can be operating them with your voice command thanks to smart adjunct. For illustration, if you have smart light and smart adjunct similar as a Amazon Echo device, when you have […]

Do LED Lights Get Hot? – Yes or Not, Let’s Uncover the trueness 

LED lights have come relatively popular these days because of their amazing features like lower power consumption.  In addition to that, another notorious benefit of the LED bulbs is lower heat generation.  But is that really true? Do LED lights stay cool while powered on for longer duration?  Let’s explore the answer to this question in this  composition. Then, we’ve analyzed all the information  to understand the verity behind this claim.  But first, lets start the discussion with what […]

Why Solar Lights May Not  Be Working – Common Reasons

Those of you who are installing lights outside your home or office can consider solar lights. similar solar lights are great for easy installation since you don’t need any power connections. These lights are directly powered using solar panels and indeed work at night thanks to inbuilt batteries. Although, in some cases your solar light may stop working which can be relatively frustrating. Hence, we’re then with a complete companion on how to fix solar lights not working. You can also learn all the possible reasons which may have caused your solar lights to stop working by going through this companion till the end. figureWhat […]

The 7 Best Stylish LED Work Light With Stand Reviews and Buying Guide

An LED work light is an absolute necessity for everyone who works either on- point in the night time or at the home garage in after hours. A decent LED work light will allow you to illuminate the entire work area around you so that you can fluently get the work done with advanced visual backing and delicacy. You also need a well- lit work terrain for a lot of safety reasons while working with sharp tools. There are a lot of variants available in the request, so choosing one amongst […]