Do LED Lights Attract Bugs/ insects

In the evening or dark, if you’re taking a detailed have a look at the road lights, you’ll presumably find lots of bugs flying around there. Sometimes within the season, we will even notice the presence of bugs in our homes moreover, buzzing round the lights.

So, what exactly makes them come to the light? Is it the LED light bulb which they sort of a lot, or is there another reason behind this? If similar questions are occurring in your mind too, confirm to read this text until the tip to seek out the answers.


Why Are Bugs drawn to Light?
What Light visible spectrum Attracts Insects?
Blue Lights and Mosquitoes
What About Yellow Light?
What Are the most effective Lights To Repel Bugs?!

Why Are Bugs/ insects drawn to Light?

Before blaming the LEDs for attracting too many bugs towards them, let’s decode the science behind it and learn why bugs wish to fly around a light-weight source. you want to know that bugs, for example, moths don’t lodge in one place their whole life. They prefer to travel the globe because the season changes. just like the way sailors accustomed find their path by judging the variable star, bugs use the identical technique to search out their travel path using moonlight.

Most bugs have unique eyes, which they use to stay track of moonlight. Keeping the moonlight at a selected angle, bugs find their thanks to travel. Since we as humans have placed LED lights everywhere, in our homes, within the streets, etc, for our convenience, it somehow disturbs the travelling pattern for the insects.

When the sunshine from the lamps reach the sight of bugs, they often get confused and mistakenly think about the bogus light as moonlight. That’s only 1 reason for the bugs to be attracted towards the lights, there’s more!

Another reason for bugs to stay buzzing round the lights is due to the warmth. Generally, light bulbs do emit a small amount of radiation and warmth, which makes the bugs feel comfortable in atmospheric condition conditions.

Moreover, scientists do claim that some varieties of flowers reflect ultraviolet rays. Since the synthetic lights also emit some ultraviolet rays, bugs might mistakenly consider the sunshine as flowers. There’s not one single reason why bugs prefer to buzz round the lights, so what colour of lights must you use to stay the insects away? Let’s know.

Why Are Bugs interested in Light
What Light spectrum Attracts Insects?

To find the correct light for your personal use that may also keep the bugs away, we must understand which light colour they’re most attracted to? Well, don’t worry because the experts from PARS (Punjab Agriculture Research Station) have the solution for you.

The people at PARS did an experiment by dividing a farm into several sections and installing different coloured lights in each of them. Later on, most of the bugs round the lights were captured for counting to search out out which colour spectrum attracts the foremost insects. And, the results are pretty good.

After the experiment, it absolutely was found that the insects are more interested in Black (ultraviolet) light. After that, the foremost number of insects were captured round the Blue lights, followed up by White, Yellow, Green and Red.

What Light visible spectrum Attracts Insects

So, it basically implies that lights of cool colour temperatures attract more insects than warm temperature colours. However, we cannot just install a red colour light in our front room to stay the bugs away, yellow is kind of a decent option to escort. Otherwise, you’ll persist with the white lights likewise.
Blue Lights and Mosquitoes

As we discussed within the above section, blue is one in all the foremost favourite colours of bugs. That said, we are able to conclude that mosquitoes, like several other bug, will show similar behaviour. But, there’s a catch. Although bugs just like the blue light and white light, as you’ll be able to see it by yourself round the street lights. If you go round the same lamp within the morning, you’ll find many of the insects dead there only. So, even after the conditions were favourable for the insects, what makes them die eventually?

Oftentimes, we see mosquito killer machines installed in places like restaurants, schools, etc. Such machines use light rods that emit blue light rays to draw in the mosquitoes towards them. As soon because the mosquito comes in reality with the machine’s grill, it gives an shock to the mosquito. So, it’s pretty clear that mosquitoes just like the blue light spectrum.

Blue Lights and Mosquitoes

What about the mosquitoes and bugs round the street lamps? Although the blue light attracts the bugs, the over-exposure to such a light-weight spectrum destroys the cells present in an insect’s body, making them weak from inside. regardless of the blue light does to the insects, it’s not a practical option to install blue light in our homes as it’s quite harmful to us, humans yet.
What About Yellow Light?

We often see lights marketed as bug repellent lights, which is wrong and misleading. There’s no such light spectrum that may make the bugs flee, or kill them. The yellow spectrum of sunshine isn’t the foremost attractive colour an insect’s eyes. That’s the explanation we don’t see an oversized group of bugs around them, but that doesn’t make them bug repellent to be precise. It’s just that yellow lights attract fewer bugs than other lights like black and blue.

So, if you’re trying to find the correct light colour for your home, yellow lighting continues to be a much better option than white or blue, if you seriously hate bugs! Warmer colours like yellow are even comfortable for human eyes, so this can be a decent colour choice.

What Are the simplest Lights To Repel Bugs?!

Well, per se no light is specifically made to repel bugs. irrespective of what colour of sunshine you put in in your home, insects will come, that’s natural. However, the simplest you’ll be able to do is to settle on the lights of colour which is least attractive to insects. it’s proven that insects often get drawn to cool colours like blue and black. So, by using the hotter colour LED lights in your home, you have got the simplest chances to stay most of the bugs out of your home.

In all, we are able to say that insects do like lighting, regardless of what colour it is! It’s just that few colours are their favourite like blue and black (ultraviolet). The bug repellant lights are just a market gimmick which is misleading lots of individuals. However, if you recognize the science behind it, you won’t constitute such marketing traps.

To simplify it down for you, you need to always remember that warm colours like yellow attract the smallest amount amount of insects, while cool colours like white and blue attract comparatively more bugs. With this information, you’ll be able to purchase the proper coloured lights for adornment in your home while avoiding the bugs at the identical time. just in case of any longer queries associated with this subject, be at liberty to ask us within the comments.

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